• 02/17/2024
  • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • CYPRESS GROVE PARK 290 Holden Ave, Orlando, FL 32839
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Registration deadline is Saturday, February  10, 2024 

Rules and Regulations:

1. The games will be played under the normal rules of cricket unless stated otherwise below.

2. Tournament starts at 8:00 am on Saturday, February 17th, at 2023 CYPRESS GROVE PARK 290 Holden Ave, Orlando, FL 32839

3. Registration will be opened for the following:

    a) Eight (8) teams under Men's category

    b) Four (4) teams under Women's category

If you are an individual participant interest in joining the tournament, please reach out to us at and we will do our best to connect you with other teams if there are any available openings.

4. Matches are Six (6) overs per Innings.

5. Each Team will consist of total Eight (8) members. Only Seven (7) members will be playing the match and one member will be a substitute. The registered players (7) and substitute player (1) can only play for the registered team.

6. Each game will consist of One (1) Inning each side, and played at Six (6) balls an over.

7. The coin toss for each game will occur before the start of a game. The winner of toss can choose to bat or field.

8. The innings will conclude when either all the overs have been bowled or all Seven (7) Batsmen have been dismissed.

9. After Twenty-Five (25) runs a batsman must retire. If, however, there are overs remaining after all other batsmen have been dismissed, the retired batsman may return to finish his innings.

10. The "last man standing" rule applies.

11. At the fall of the Sixth wicket, if more overs or balls are left, the Batsman dismissed shall act as runner with the remaining batsman. If the runner is dismissed in any way, such as Run-Out, this will count as the last batsman being out, thus terminating the innings.

12. NO Balls and WIDE Balls shall incur a penalty of One (1) run. Extra ball should be bowled. Free Hit applicable for NO ball.

       a. Short-pitched balls above the shoulder height will be called no balls, resulting in       One (1) run. The square leg umpire will call the no ball in the event of a ball passing   over the Batsman’s shoulder height, when standing.

       b. Full Tosses above the waist will be called no ball, resulting in One (1) run.

       c. Ball will be called wide under criteria of "playability".

       d. Hitting a wide ball disqualifies it from being a wide.

       e. Rules for Byes shall apply.

        f. Leg Byes shall not be counted. 

13. Each side is allowed a maximum of Thirty (30) minutes to finish bowling Six (6) overs.

14. Umpire’s decision is final. No arguments with Umpires allowed at any cost.

15. Request for change in Rules and Regulations is not entertained.

16. The cricket Tournament is free to all MSCF 2024 active members, 18 years and up. Players 16 years to 18 years old can participate with their parent’s consent (mandatory). The fee for Non-members to participate is $35/person.

16. The rules are subject to change at the discretion of MSCF EC 2024 Team. A copy of the rules will be sent by email to all team captains one day before the tournament.

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