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Donations Update

Donation Details:

  1. Online PayPal Donations in $3800
  2. Paypal Fees: ($96.80)
  3. Net Online Donations: $3703.20
  4. Employer Match: $650 (requested by donors through their employer)
  5. Net Donations to distribute: $4353.20

Donations were sent to two organizations that were recommended from multiple people from Orlando based malayalee and tamil associations and also approved by MSCF board.

  1. Bhoomika Trust
  2. Sewa Bharti

Distribution Details:

  1. Bhoomika Trust (via Wire Transfer): $1940 (INR 129122.17 was confirmed deposited in their account)
  2. Wire Transfer Fee: $60
  3. Sewa Bharti (via check to Sewa USA): $1700
  4. Total Distributed: $3700
  5. Amount Left: $653.20 (awaiting match approval from employer before distributing this amount)
Additional Details:

Bhoomika Trust's work for Kerala Relief Efforts.

Request for Donations

God's own country Kerala, is facing the worst natural threat like never before. Amidst heavy downpour, almost every area in Kerala went abnormal due to floods and landslip. Approximate losses are measured to a humongous 10,000 crores and almost 150 people have lost their lives. Thousands of people are stranded and have lost their houses, shelter, money and everything. This is the worst ever state wide situation Kerala have ever gone through. Always touted as the safest of all states, protected by Arabian sea in the west and Western Ghat in the east, Nature is rewriting the destiny of this land marvel.

What we all can do is to lend them, the affected whatever we are capable off.

MSCF supports Kerala Rain Relief activities by collecting from our members and locals and handover directly to most reliable organization that is currently working on the field to help affected people. 

Please donate with the below link to get tax benefits while uplifting affected families in Kerala.

For any questions, please contact Vijay Shanmugam (Charity Arm Lead) at (407)-242-6609. 

Last Updated: Sept 11, 2018

Donation goal


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